What type of innovator are you?

There is a maker spirit in each of us, that inherent desire to create, to problem solve, to tinker, to believe everything is possible. Today’s makers are the new generation of innovators. According to Forbes, there are four different types of innovators. They recently examined the levels. Here’s the breakdown:

Level 1: Problem Solver | A problem solver innovator has a practical mindset and a can-do attitude. They resolve challenges to the satisfaction of key stakeholders.

Level 2: Problem Preventer | A problem preventer innovator is prepared for potential challenges and takes care of them before they come to fruition.

Level 3: Continuous Improver | A continuous improver is never happy with “good enough.” Instead, they propose and implement upgrades to whatever product or service they are working on.

Level 4: Creator of a New Future | A creator of a new future is a true visionary and is always fully engaged. They create breakthrough products, strategies and business models.

Personally, I relate to each level in some capacity. I love creating new businesses, which invariably requires creating a new future. However, I equally love the process of nurturing and growing a new business, which requires iterating to continuously improve, along with solving and preventing problems.

In the end, innovation is an attitude that can be applied to any area. At times we are innovating to create a new future, and other times we are innovating to solve a specific problem. The innovation remains the same. The only thing that changes is where we apply our innovative focus at any point in time.

I want to hear about your innovative style. What type of innovator are you – a problem solver, problem preventer, continuous improver or creator of a new future?

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