The Internet of Things impacts the way we learn, work and innovate. This Postscapes Infographic is worth sharing because it tells the almost complete story of the Internet of Things (IoT) including how smart, connected systems are a technologic phenomenon with infinite possibilities of interactions and experiences.

I say almost because while it does a great job of highlighting smart things it doesn’t take into account that a large portion of the things we interact with each and every day do not have sensors, computer chips, storage and connectivity. And they likely never will.

From wine bottles and cereal boxes on your grocer’s shelf, to magazines at your Doctor’s office, to the printed CAD drawings and quarterly review on your office desk, to new 3D-printed parts and collectibles, non-wired things are all around us.

How can we link interactive and personalized digital experiences with these millions, billions and trillions of inanimate objects to create the Internet of ALL Things?

What ecosystems, platforms and design principals need to be developed to deliver end-to-end IoT experiences?

The building blocks of IoT will enable today’s makers to build new applications, products and services that will cross-location, markets and industries to deliver richer more immersive, context-aware user experiences.

They will awaken the entrepreneur, tinkerer and maker in each of us.

I’m enjoyed talking about innovations like these at the IoT Global Innovation Forum on Wednesday. While the maker’s spirit has been around forever, the tools of expression have evolved radically, paving the way to a renaissance era of innovation that will change the business and social landscape a few years out in ways we can’t even imagine today.

How do you think the Internet of Things will impact our every day lives? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.


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