There’s so much change happening around us these days that it’s easy to forget the speed at which things are changing. At HP, we use the socio-economic, demographic and technological forces we call Megatrends as a beacon for where the world is headed.

Last year we discussed how four Megatrends—Rapid Urbanization, Changing Demographics, Hyper Globalization, and Accelerated Innovation—will have a sustained and transformative impact on businesses, societies, economies, cultures, and our personal lives in the future.

Each year we revisit these four Megatrends to identify which Megatrend themes are accelerating, which are diminishing or changing, and what new themes are on the horizon.  And we don’t just want to keep this information to ourselves. We want to share it with you.

Our team is sharing our research, new themes and their implications at We’ll explore everything from self-driving cars to changing demographics. Here’s a preview of the content you’ll see:

The butterfly effect of self-driving cars
With the promise of autonomous cars, comes the hope for increased safety, productivity, and freedom. It will also touch almost every aspect of society.

Looking ahead to Generation Z
As businesses and marketers focus on the millennial generation, a new generation is coming into focus. Generation Z is poised to disrupt our world and redefine every aspect of life.


Picture1.pngCyber trust and security
As our world becomes increasingly interconnected and experiences the advantages that come with connectivity, we are also at an increased risk for theft and fraud.



Conversational interfaces: Chatbots of the future
While they are in their infancy, one day virtual assistants will be our life-long companions and best friends. Now is the time for companies to continue innovating to create the future of human-computer interaction.

Interested in learning more about Megatrends and how they’ll affect our future? Check out and contact me on Twitter.

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